We'll show you "hidden Boulder"

JD’s Joyrides is more than an eBike tour company: we are a connection company. With the simple act of saying hello and riding bikes together, we create community. We make friends (of all shapes, sizes, faiths, races and genders). We gain new perspectives and a better understanding of our environment. We experience the pleasure of moving our bodies, and the joy of doing so by eBike. We see more clearly the blurred line between art and nature. We begin to notice the beauty that surrounds us all of the time. By saying hello and riding bikes together, we make the world a better place.


Meet JD



I'm JD (aka Joel), a longtime local with a passion for Boulder, art and showing people a good time on two wheels. In addition to being Chief Joyrider at JD's Joyrides, I'm a radio/live DJ and music curator with an eclectic ear, mobile photography enthusiast, podcast producer, Poetic Justice of the Peace, and (former) ice hockey goalie.

During the pandemic and after 20+ years in the music biz, I decided to switch things up and figured why not combine my loves: eBiking, art, the outdoors and connecting with people? These eBikes and Boulder's beauty (and many murals) make my life better in many ways. I want to share that with you.


Why we do this

In Feb ’19, I bought a Radwagon eBike. It has changed my life. I average 3k miles per year, got rid of a car (and 30 pounds) and became an unabashed evangelizer of the benefits these bikes bring: a true sense of freedom and a reconnection with my inner child and the environment around me. I ride year round with no thought to distance (other than what the battery allows) or conditions (as long as it's not icy).

I love Boulder, I love art, I love these bikes and I love sharing that love with others. Let's ride bikes!

Why choose us?

Think of this as more of a “joyride” than a tour. Each trip is its own singular event, designed to deliver an eclectic, unique-yet-accessible, personal, relatable, positive, and fun eBiking experience that showcases Boulder’s beauty and spreads the joy, wellbeing and sense of freedom eBiking provides. You’ll come away from our time together with a better feel for this potentially life-changing transportation mode -- and a Boulder you never knew existed.

Unique Experiences

You'll see a lot when we ride, but the best part is the sense of joy and freedom that comes from riding eBikes in a town made for biking.

Passionate Guides

Our guides know more than the best routes and shortcuts. They’re eager to show you something you didn’t know you love.

Small Groups

With a maximum of just six bikes per ride, you'll never get left behind or lost in the crowd. (If you have a larger group, we can still ride. Let’s talk.)


Boulder, Colorado FL Keys

Boulder, Colorado, is renowned for its quaint downtown area and incredible natural beauty. With over 300 miles of pathways, it's extremely bike-friendly, allowing for entirely protected rides for much of our journey. Whether you want to see our impressive collection of murals, tour the CU campus, or get a closer look at the iconic Flatirons, exploring Boulder with JD's Joyrides is the way to go.

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